madminx (madminx) wrote in meow_heads,

Swirly shitstain

Last night I was taking a nap because I had stayed up till 5am that morning and only got 3 hours of sleep before having to go to work.

Suddenly, I wake up to happy_sad_girl yelling, "MINA!!"

I wondered what that was all about, but I was so tired I just rolled over and tried to get back to sleep. A few minutes later, happy_sad_girl tells me what happened...

She saw her cat, Mina, dragging her butt against the carpet. At first it was funny.... till she saw the shit trail following Mina.
Mina managed to make a huge spiral-shaped shitstain on the carpet by the time she was through! And she was covered in caca.

EWW!!! Crazy cat.

If she wasn't so cute, I would have killed her.
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My mom would have put me in the tub!!

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