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Fun with bunk beds

Three things:

1. My cat sleeps with me in my bed every night. On Thursday, I got bunk beds. I'm in the top bunk. My cat doesn't know how to climb the ladder. Last night, in the middle of the night, she wakes me up, looking up and meowing longingly. It was precious!

2. Today I brought her up on the bunk with me. She went to sleep, but then eventually got up and started crawling over the bars to get down... and suddenly she just ...falls. Hard. It was as if she forgot the bed wasn't on the floor anymore. It was sad and hilarious all at once.

3. While I was still in the top bunk, after bringing my cat up there once again, my roommate comes in and starts petting my cat. Suddenly, my cat sneezes in her face. LOL. My roommate immediately runs to the bathroom to clean off the kitty spit.

Yes, the stupid meow head is still sick...
I mean aww! The poor baby! *strangles it*
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LMFAO!!!! That was so fucking great...
Fuck yeah.