Girl Face Star Lilly (happy_sad_girl) wrote in meow_heads,
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I got a kitty!

I finally got some pictures of my cute little Mina! Do not proceed if extreme cuteness is unbearable to you...

Mina in my lap! Eeeee!

I love the color of her fur!

Shhhhh... She's sleeping...

It was so cute because madminx's cat, Caska, kept trying to sneak up on Mina. Then Caska curled up near Mina and started creeping closer and closer so she could paw at her. It was sooooooo cute!

I loooooooooove my Mina! She is so cute and loves to crawl under the covers with me. I wish she could stay little forever!
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OMG WHY!?!?!?

I can't get over how cute that was. My cat is seriously evil. It's so funny how she messes with other cats!

I don't know... kill it!

Yeah, she is such a bully! It's probably because Elmyra and Missy bully her... Poor abused kitties...
Yeah that's probably it.
Poor thing. She needs therapy...
Oh my god, I want to eat your cat! She's just so adorable, it makes me want to beat a cheerleader to death with a heavy blunt object! ::laugh:: Caska's just... odd. Cute, but odd.
Me too! Ooooh, good idea!

Caska is definitely the weirdest cat I have ever met. She has serious issues!
She's even more skittish than my roommate's cat. Didn't think that was possible...