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A Newsome here!

Hi all,

First off, I'll like to say that I'm quite glad I've joined a community where I can show of my kitty cat, and that's mighty good I tell ya!

Let me tell you a bit about ourselves. I'm 20, she's... around ten months. I'm unsure as to how old she is since she was given to me. From what the past owner said, she was three months old when she received her. This owner kept her less then a month because she couldn't keep her in the apartment she lived in. Anyways! Her name is KoniLoka, and yes, there's a story behind that name...I think. When I got her, I had picked Koni because I just liked it. Days later, my mother and sister had commented that Koni was one Loca cat (Loca in spanish means 'Crazy'), and I've seen what they meant. So I decided to joining the two names together to form such an amusing name, and that was KoniLoka.

That picture was taken about a week later after I've received her.

This one is as of now and no, she ain't a fat kitty =P

Now onto some amusing piccies

I just love it how a camera can catch a moment!

and.. Angles can certainly make you look dreadful! XD

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Your cat kind of reminds me of my Kuzya! Except he has a lot more orange spots and no black spots.

We named him Kuzya because my great-grandmother in Russia used to call all of her cats either Vasya or Kuzya. Actually he's full name is Kuzma Vasilyevich because our old cat used to be named Vasya.
That's so cute!!
Adorable kitty!