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That time when my cat ran away for a day, I went out to look for her for hours at a time. Since God is apparently trying to drive me completely insane, there just happen to be 2.... not 1, but 2 stray cats that hang around this apartment complex that look VERY similar to my meow head. So while looking for my cat when she was missing, I'd instead find those 2 strays over and over and over. It was torture! Constant false hope...

Anyway, fast forward to the past few weeks. Every night for the past few weeks I've been hearing loud meowing outside my window. It sounds really sad, like there's a poor kitty dying out there... so one day I went to look for the poor thing. Well, I found it and it was one of the strays that looks a lot like my cat. It wasn't dying or anything so I went back home. I think maybe the stray is just incredibly horny or something. lol

Well right now that stray is by my door. The screen door is up, and all three of our cats in here are sitting by the door staring at it. Then.... I ... *shakes head*....


I'm ok.

It's very painful....I ....

I'm sorry...

*slaps self* I can do this...I'm stronger than this!

Ok. *takes deep breath*

At one point they were all lined up at the door, side by side in a perfect little row laying there staring at the stray. There. I said it. It was SO INSANELY CUTE I ALMOST DIED RIGHT ON THE FUCKING SPOT.

OMG... cats... they're killing me!

I SO wish I had a camera so I could have taken a picture of that. It was fucking priceless. Oh dear fucking God WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME?!?!

Ok I need to go lie down and masturbate to kitte.... I mean rest now. I need to go rest now....I'll be ok. It'll all be ok...
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