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Death by cuteness!

I missed my kitty SO much while I was gone!

I swear, I've developed an obsessive attachment to this cat. It's almost scary sometimes.

On one of the days I was gone, happy_sad_girl called me, and told me my roommate had left the door open again, and that my cat was nowhere to be found, again.

I almost DIED! No one can find her outside but me! ME!! I quickly planned my trip back, hitchhiking if I had to...
I imagined her hiding in a bush again, all alone and scared and starving and dying and waaa!!

My roommate is seriously fucking slow and dense. She doesn't respect my cat at all. She treats her like shit, and she won't make sure the fucking screen is on the door so my cat doesn't run away again. I also planned on bitching her out upon my return.

Then I imagined my cat's funeral.


...they found in her the closet a few minutes later.





I think it's kind of interesting how cats, or any animal really, can have mental issues just like humans. My cat has social anxiety, and a little agoraphobia. She can't function in the outside world at all. Everything unfamiliar scares the fuck out of her. She would seriously rather starve to death hiding in a bush outside than look for food. My poor fragile meow head!

Yesterday I bought her a lavender towel with the word "Princess" written on it. She can sleep on it! AWWW!! I think lavender is her color. It totally suits her. Wow I'm sounding insane, aren't I. Oh well.

I think animals also get really depressed when they're locked in cages for too long. I've noticed that cats in cages seem really nappy and gross, like they've stopped cleaning themselves. The poor things are so depressed they don't even clean themselves! *sheds a tear for the poor depressed kitties* Such cuteness moves me to tears... *sigh*


I think my kitty never learned to properly clean herself. She still gets all nappy and gross sometimes. I can use her towel to clean her. It's like a big tongue, licking her. She'll think I'm her mommy. HEEHEEHEE!! *twitches from cuteness overload*
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